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This will consist of a comprehensive evaluation, hands-on forces applied to reduce or eliminate pain, and customized movement training to reestablish homeostasis within the musculoskeletal system. Results are often swift and dramatic.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Customized personal training to improve proficiency in ground movements, crawling, balancing, walking, running, jumping, vaulting, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, and climbing.  As you master the technical aspects of these skills you will also benefit from improved strength, flexibility, and endurance, balance, agility, and coordination.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Small groups (8-12) at both indoor and outdoor locations. Receive coaching that will reintroduce you to your innate movement patterns. Experience all that natural movement training has to offer in a group setting.  Enjoy the accountability of others while improving your mobility skills and fitness level.
Duration: 60 Minutes

Choose any combination of the above offerings to create a plan that addresses your unique personal needs. 

Duration: 60 minutes

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