WELCOME to Freedom Physiotherapy.  Our services are geared towards promoting, restoring, and maintaining the overall health and wellness of each individual in our care.

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What makes us unique?

Outside-of-the-box care.

Our classical model of care offers a complete paradigm shift from the current one-size-fits-all model of health care in America.

First and foremost, this model frees us to treat each of our clients like family. Throughout treatment, our clients have continuous access to us through phone calls, emails, and text messages.

We even make house-calls!  Sometimes a client can’t come to us due to debilitating pain, vertigo, etc.  Under such circumstances, trying to get to a clinic is more than inconvenient.  It’s potentially dangerous.  Staying put can ensure the comfort and safety of our clients.  For those who are able to travel, we have a physical therapy clinic, an in-door natural movement gym, and an acre of outdoor natural movement space in a tranquil setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Freedom Physiotherapy is a cash-based clinic and is therefore not constrained by insurance or networks.  As such, we are freed to treat our clients as unique individuals without reimbursement dictating what we can and cannot do.  Our clients have immediate access to our services without a physician’s referral. However, we recommend that clients obtain a physical therapy referral from their general practitioner if they intend to submit an out-of-network, self-pay claim to their insurance company.

Freedom Physiotherapy is uniquely able to offer full one-hour, one-on-one sessions completely tailored to our client’s individual needs.

Whether you’re suffering from injuries, musculoskeletal conditions, or chronic illness, we have the expertise to assist you in your recovery.  Our holistic and comprehensive care, hands-on techniques, and personalized instruction, coaching, and counseling will help you reclaim your health and maintain it for years to come.  Experience the difference for yourself.

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